Rebisaca 2022

Gerardo Méndez

Spain- Rías Baixas

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Rebisaca is yet another splendid example of the never-ending list of wines created from the magic wand of Gerardo Méndez. A blend of the three classic Rías Baixas varieties: Albariño, Treixadura and Loureira. The predominant grape, Albariño, is grown on an estate in Salnés where it used to be easy to see genets, known as 'rebisacas' in the language spoken in Galicia – hence the name of the wine. The other two varieties come from Condado de Tea. Also within the Rías Baixas DO, this region is more influenced by the Tea and Miño rivers, instead of the Atlantic which characterizes Salnés. Treixadura brings structure to the wine, whereas Loureira adds aromatic complexity. The final combination of flavours and aromas from this blend of quite distinct grapes creates a wine with a wonderful complexity.
The vines range from 10 to 50 years old and are grown in sandy soils with pebbles and clay over a granite rock base. Following a careful harvest and selection process, grapes are destemmed and left to undergo a cold maceration before being pressed and fermented using a pied de cuve starter. The wine's fine lees are worked on as it ferments in stainless steel tanks to give creaminess to the final result.
Rebisaca has a bright pale golden-yellow colour with intense mineral aromas (of smoke and river pebbles) and hints of white flowers. Plentiful fruit reminds the drinker of apples and ripe peaches, with a delicate tropical touch. With a strong character appearing clearly in the mouth, it is a fine and fresh wine, both agile and wide. Every sip surprises with intense herbal hints of eucalyptus and bay leaves. An excellent acidity ensures the wine has a long life ahead of it.

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